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Tabitha Rodriguez

Tabitha Rodriguez was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently teaches at Beyond Dance. She started her dance career at the age of four. Tabitha found her passion for dance and has been studying intensely for over 16 years. Tabitha won the Beyond Dance L.E.A. Scholarship for the year 2009-2010. Tabitha started her career in dance as a student teacher, and in 2012 she attended Dance Educators of America for certification as a dance teacher. Tabitha has performed at various venues. In 2012 and 2014, she choreographed for over 100 kindergarten students in a public school in Brooklyn, NY. Tabitha continues to grow as a dancer and as a teacher by attending various master workshops with world-renowned choreographers including Cris Judd, Dana Foglia, Lauren Froderman, Rhapsody, and Courtney Galiano. Tabitha firmly believes that dancing tells a story, makes you feel, and warms the heart.

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